You know those days , when you have a pretty darn good run .

For me they are few and far between lately . My pace has been slow , scattered and just generally off .

I had a 7 mile training run scheduled today and it’s supposed to rain tonight so I headed to my new favorite hangout GoodLife Fitness for a mill run .

Typically I hangout in the all access cardio area where both men and women can interact , but , when I run there I am easily distracted because if a person gets on beside me I feel like I need to ramp up my speed , go faster – race them ! This behavior typically leads to failure and burn out !

So , today I played it smart and went into the Women’s Only room – I focused myself and thought just run comfortable Dawn – “you got 7 miles to do so you are going to be here awhile! ”

I did not find myself searching out anyone to “race” I just stayed focused on the task at hand and before you knew it I was 30 minutes into it and 3 miles down . Sweet , keep going!

I did and finished my 7 miles in 1:08 with some negative splits to boot ! Look




I felt great after this run even though I was up way past my bedtime due to the Sons Of Anarchy premiere , as if I was going to miss that!

I then decided no weights today but some mat time was in order . I stretched and foam rolled like a Boss .

I’m very much enjoying my time at GoodLife Fitness as it suits my schedule . Before I was scheduling my runs for evening , when I was exhausted from work but now I get the kiddies off to school and head straight to the gym – workout and then I’m ready for my day!

I’m am so happy to be getting to that point of training where the suck seems to suck less !

Motto – Keep at it , don’t quit , it gets easier so stick with it !

Cheers friends and happy training !

Disclosure: This post and future posts regarding Goodlife Fitness are being written as part of the Goodlife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program.

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