Sunday’s are my long run days , it just seems to work for me to run on this day. So how does one prepare? Here is my ritual .

It all starts on Saturday evening , I eat a very hearty supper – last night- I had BBQ’d chicken breast and kale salad .
I lay my clothes out the night before , ensure my Orange Mud hydraquiver is on the counter , my sugar free Vega energizer beside it , my Garmin is fully charged , my GU’s and my shoes are beside my lazy boy .
My Saturday nights have changed from late nights to being tucked into bed by 9pm with a book. I set my alarm for 5 something , depending on how I feel and get a good nights sleep. Today I woke up at 5:55 to the smell of freshly brewed coffee , a smell that practically pulls me out of bed . I do nothing until I get that first cup in me , today my cream curdled in it – not awesome!
I had my typical pre run breakfast of 2 pieces of toast with PB . Yes I know , not Paleo but I believe I need carbs the morning of a long run . This will never change – I will follow the 80/20 rule for Paleo when it comes to my runs.

I headed out today at about 6:50 and it was muggy and humid as all hell. I had my arm sleeves on but those quickly got tossed!
I had no plans for my route today but knew I needed a 12 miler and I was not interested in out and backs this time. I decided to run by the water today as it always calms me. Traffic was pretty limited as it is Sunday and it is 7am . I crossed over the 401 ( main highway here in Ontario) watched traffic go by and realized i was half way there – so I just keep going until I hit 10 miles and the spot where I knew it was 2 miles to home.
The run was not awesome , I’m slowing down considerably and I am hurting . My left ankle is bugging me and I have a new pain in my foot that now has a bump and I do not even want to consider what this could be .
Today it took me 2:40 to run 12 freaking miles – this is awful. I did not get discouraged , I did not quit and I certainly do not want it to happen again.



What this run did do though , was get me to 101 miles for the month. This has not happened since April ! This makes me happy.


As soon as I get home my first task is to get my BSN Syntha 6 protein in me. The orange smoothie flavor is my favorite.
I showered and set up shop in my lazy boy with my most favorite calf sleeves for recovery – Bio Skin


Then it’s time to refuel – it has been hours since I ate and I lost 3lbs on that run !
This is what refueled me today


Sweet potato , avocado and ground turkey with veggies and spices! So freaking yummy .

Happy Sunday Runday