Today is my rest day – as per my plan!

Do I love this – yes .
Do I feel like I need it – No !
Will I listen – probably not !

Honestly , based on this 18 week plan I don’t feel like I’m putting in enough miles for all these rest days


For example , week 6 , which I am on – only has 18 miles on the plan for this week? With both Monday and Friday being rest days and 1 day on the weekend for cross training .

I’m not tired enough. I ran 4 miles on Tuesday instead of 3 , 5 miles Wednesday and 4 miles Thursday. My “long” run for the weekend is a setback week and calls for 7?
Not happening !
I plan on running at least 10 !

I suck at following training plans and have a tendency to wing it !
I truly believe that you need to listen to your body and mine is saying “get off your ass and run girl”



On a side note – I’m slowing down! As you can see from the above pics , these are my treadmill times. I used to be able to punch out solid 8 min/miles – not lately !
To me I won’t become a fast runner so I am focusing on form and distances for now .
As you can see I also got this beauty this week


The Garmin Forerunner 220 in my fav colour – purple!
I have yet to road test this bad boy , But it is not matching up to my Nike+ app or the treadmill screen on runs. There is typically about a .4 mile difference in the distance . I’m ok with that .

So this weekend I’m going to head out on my long ( not 7 mile ) run with my new Garmin , focused mind and good form and bang out some decent training miles!

Happy Weekend my friends !
Enjoy your long run !