There has been so much negativity being sent to those who Crossfit. I am not here for that .
I was a Crossfitter , I drank the Kool Aid – I became addicted !
Yes it really does have it’s own religious following .

But , I was also a runner and I failed at running when I was so invested in Crossfit. I neglected the sport that I loved , I did not train properly for races and I got hurt. Do I blame Crossfit ? Not at all , it was my choice.
Let’s back the story up – I started CrossFit in January of last year . I was only a casual member but very quickly moved up to going 6 days a week. I loved beating my times , lifting heavier weights and challenging my body.




I competed in 13.1 and did OK for a newbie.
I loved it and I loved all the people at my box- they were family.
What happened to my running family though ? Did I neglect them , forget about them ? Kind of!
Then I realized I had half marathons to run and I did not train at all!
I ran the Goodlife half marathon in May of last year and it was horrible , however I did PR it , but it hurt and I sucked at it !
Then I ran the Scotiabank Half in the fall of last year and I was hurt .
I went to my sports therapist and he basically said to me , Run or Crossfit – pick one – not both!
I had to really evaluate this but clearly I love to run and that is what got me into shape post weight loss.
I chose Running.
I quit Crossfit , my Twitter feed lost some followers and I lost Facebook friends.
Was I ok ? Absolutely .
Yes it felt weird not going to the box anymore , but I saved a hefty chunk of money as well – running is free!
It took a solid year before I realized I didn’t have to label myself as anything “Crossfitter” “runner” whoever , I’m just me .
I did learn how to lift properly and with that knowledge I still lift at my gym for cross training . No I don’t push myself like I would have if I was in a class , but hey – I still lift – minus the title!

So what happened with running?
Well , I became an Ultramarathoner ! I ran 35 miles and 9 hours and 40 minutes straight at the Run Under the Stars Race this past June.



So in the end , chose an activity or sport that you love and run with it . Embrace it . Enjoy it . Do not let social media dictate who or what you should be . We aren’t all “cool kids” . We all excel at different things and that is ok.
Go out there and Be a Better Crossfitter , Runner , Bodybuilder or Bikini Figure competitor.

I am me and that’s ok.
Ultra Dawn

8 comments on “Why I Quit Crossfit , lost friends and became a better Runner!”

  1. Hey Dawn! Glad you are doing well at the running! You’re rocking it! Keep up the great work and passion you have for the sport! We miss you at the box though too… Enjoy the trails and beauty of the scenery you run in… Hope to see you around sometime!


  2. I’m so excited for you and am thrilled at your successes as a runner, and on a selfish note, I miss your sense of humour and your infectious smile at the box! But love to hear about your achievements! Keep up the great work my friend!

    • I miss all you guys too ! The box was a happy place for me too . However , quiet time on the roads are pretty darn happy too !

  3. Dawn, I love you and everything you do. I was super excited when you went the Crossfit route, but really? People disowning you for your decision to do what you love? What the F is that all about!?

    Keep doing YOU.. and rocking it!! 🙂

    • True story , I lost a ton of twitter followers and Facebook friends unfriended me ! I didn’t really get it but to some people I guess you have to be one of the crowd or not. I am totes ok just being Ultra Dawn lol … You are still my inspiration whenever I lift. I always say to myself “Jen can totally lift this , so do it Dawn ” ! ❤️ You back girlfriend

  4. Greag blog…you definitely have to focus on what you love. I believe running and CrossFit can work together, there is a whole program around that called CrossFit Endurance. Doing what you love and what makes you happy comes first. If people stop following you because you stop doing something, it’s their loss.

    • Thank You ! I really appreciate you taking the time to read this blog post! I love Crossfit , I love running and I love to lift weights ! I try to balance it all out but if my focus is going to be distance running “ultras” then I have to run more. I will never not pick up weights as I believe it is vital to the body. We need to be strong. Yes , I lost some followers but hey – I is who I is !

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