It’s that time again , summer marathon training.

I’m training for the Full this year and can’t wait to get back to scheduled work outs.
For my training this time around I’m thinking of using and blending these 2 programs



I have always used Hal Higdon’s plans but I liked the idea of only having 3 run days. I found with Hal’s plans I was overwhelmed near the end, like it was too much.
Run Less Run Faster utilizes 3 basic workouts and cross training, but , the track workouts scare the bejesus outta me! They are hard ! We all know if you want to improve , you have to embrace the suck!

Today I like to count as Day 1 even though the plan starts on a Monday.
Mondays are stretch and strength days typically so I knew I had to run today.
Here’s my run



It was a treadmill run today because I wanted to lift and stretch afterwards.
I felt pretty good and the sweaty results proved I worked my butt off


I leave for Cedar Point in the am , 4am to be exact , so I will be running my training runs while on vacay! Can you say beach runs !!! Heck yeah !

Happy Long Run Day to those that got out there today!

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    • I know lots of people who swear by it . Some people have told me that they don’t get how you can run only 3 days a week got proper training , the book fully highlights it can be done. But … Those darn track workouts look so challenging

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