Yes , I am at peace with my decision to drop the booze and all the other shenanigans that go with it .

Tonight I wanted to run , instead of drink !
My run started out sunny , like how I felt


Then came the black clouds

I started to reflect on my actions of the past week and the sky mirrored my thoughts .
Then all of a sudden I realized that I am the one who decides my fate and my future. I felt blessed and ready to change. Magically the sky opened up and I knew , everything was going to be ok


From that moment on I felt a sense of relief come over me and I felt strong again.

I continued on my run not caring about anything but taking in the beauty of my town . I saw a rainbow and this just made everything alright . It may have been this guy too


Yup , that’s a guy on a bike , pulling a canoe!
I laughed and thought , he is probably really happy right now , like me !

So I continue on this journey with a sense of peace and will ultimately focus on training and better the best person I can be .

Happy 4th My Friends