I was approached by Bio Skin a few weeks ago to review their product and become a Brand Ambassador for them . I gladly accepted!
They sent me a pair of calf sleeves to test out and review and I wanted to make sure I got some miles in them before I made my mind up on them.



They arrived neatly packaged with clear instructions on how to put them on. They are different from any other sleeve I’ve used and I was worried about getting them over my ginormous calves .


Got them on no problem !

They felt great , there is a lot of compression in these bad boys!
I went for a short 4.5 mile run the first time . No issues with my calves cramping or any shin pain. A good feeling. When I got home I really didn’t want to take them off, they felt so good.
Well today I decided I needed them on a long slow run in the heat and humidity.


I wanted to see if there would be any slippage with my sweaty legs and there definitely was not. It was about 36 degrees Celsius here today and I was a puddle. My poor sleeves ended up with some major salt stains!
My run was a beauty thru the riverfront trails





I got home and literally peeled the sleeves from my legs , they were soaked but my legs felt great. I just threw them in the sink and hand washed them , put them outside to dry because I plan on wearing them tonight for recovery !
I am very pleased with the quality of these sleeves and will look into the other compression gear they offer! Which is quite a few!

If you want more info go to bioskin.com and check them out for yourself!

I’m a fan !

*Note , I was given the calf sleeves free of charge in return for a blog review on the product.

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