Ok today was Day 1 of my journey back to the basics of my post op WLS (weight loss surgery) lifestyle- not diet!
Today I really focused on what I put into my yap and kept it very high protein and low carb! AKA – no toast with PB ( crying a little inside right now)

So I promised I would post daily my meals and their prep, this was breakfast

2 scrambled eggs in coconut oil and a whole avocado. Paired of course with multiple cups of coffee.
Snack was equally delish

2 pieces of Armstrong Cheese sticks wrapped with deli turkey ! All it was missing was pickle spears
Lunch was also Epic

I sautéed some shrimp in oil and garlic powder , served it with a kale salad .
Now supper was amazing!!!
I took boneless skinless chicken breasts , seasoned with Mrs Dash and then wrapped in bacon


Bake in a 400 degree oven for about 30 minutes , then throw under the broiler for a few minutes to crisp up the bacon.
Meanwhile I tossed some asparagus in oil and garlic powder and baked in the same oven till done.
Epic ness for real!

I’m officially stuffed now but if I do get hungry I’ll snack on this


A good day so far , I feel good and I will not snack on crap!

How are you all doing ? What type of meal prep/planning do you do?