Today is the day we runners celebrate out passion and share with others the reasons we do this crazy sport.
This is a very personal day of reflection for most of us as we all started somewhere. None of us jumped out of the womb and declared ourselves runners, there was a reason .

Here is mine
Back in the day I was always athletic , yes even at 284lbs I still played competitive ball hockey and I golfed. Was I good , not really but I stayed active. Running was something I hated , never understood why anyone would want to do it? Isn’t that why we got our drivers licence? So we didn’t have to walk or run anywhere?
Then I decided I needed a change in my life , I had to get the weight off and I had to learn how to do it.
After my revision Gastric Bypass in 2010 it took a year for me to drop some serious weight , that’s when I had to begin some kind of exercise program because I did not want to look like this anymore


I started out like many by downloading the Couch 2 5k app on my iPhone and I would only “run” after dark so nobody would see me.
It sucked and I hated it. I graduated to running the High school track and when I could run the full 400m I felt like I was getting somewhere.
I finished the program and decided on my first 5k race , it was March of 2012 and this was the beginning of my running career.

I ran that in 31 minutes and I did not die! So what did I do , I signed up for a half marathon in April of 2012 , no training , no friggin idea of what I was doing but I wanted to try it.
Well , I did it and I didn’t come in last! I ran that half in 2:30 minutes and I almost cried at the end.

Since my running career in 2012 , just 2 years ago I have run 8 half marathons and a handful of 5k and 10k races.
I am not fast , I have injuries and I also am not quitting.
Today on this day of recollection I wanted to break some records and I DID , look





This day has me so proud of myself and the fact that Fat Dawn is no longer in my head , she is now fit and happy !

Running is my sanity , my quiet time, my ” I’m not a mom right now” time and I will not give it up !

Today was my last taper run before I travel to Kentucky to run my very first Ultramarathon and by Sunday I will be announcing my status as an Ultra Runner!

Thank you to my Run it Fast family who motivate me everyday and by following your journey you continually inspire me !
Here is that very first 5k race pic!


My very first half medal



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  1. So proud of you, Dawn! You’ve always been a running inspiration to me and never will forget when you kept having to remind me, “Your race, your pace.” You’re going to do awesome this weekend!!

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