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Here’s the thing , I’m not one to compare myself to others often ,as I realize we are all different , But as I read recaps from everyone’s races this past weekend I start to think – Wow I’m slow , I will never be that fast , Why can’t I run a sub 2hr half ?
So it’s not that I’m thinking negative thoughts , I am just questioning myself, dulling my own Sparkle.
You see , I got myself a shiny new PR on Sunday at the Nike Women’s Half

2 min’s off my Scotiabank time in October !
I was elated , I felt great and my hips didn’t bother me at all. I went and wrote a blog recap of the race and was completely happy with my time , heck I ran the RNR Las Vegas in Dec at 2:32, this was a great time.
Time to dull the sparkle by playing the comparison game – How come they can do it and I can’t? I trained my ass off for this race , what am I doing wrong?

Then I realize , This is who I am .
This is who I am meant to be .
This is my pace that I am comfortable in.
I am Afraid to push myself .
I don’t want to fail.

Head Games at it’s finest .
Well it’s time to dust off the sparkly stuff because I’m ready to shine. I will tell my head to pay no attention to itself and let my feet and legs carry me over that finish line.
If I become a 2:10 half marathoner one day then that’s great , if not I will always know I worked my hardest to get to that point.
I will let my sparkle shine and not feel any less sparkly because I am not “as fast as you” and because I “only run sub 2:30” times
I will not define myself as only a sub par runner who is doing it only for the love of running . I will define myself as an athlete who trains her mind, body and soul each and everyday for the love of running.
I will keep on keeping on.
I will Shine
There will be no dullness

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