Today was the DAY!

But wait let’s go back a few days leading up to this day .
I arrived in DC on Friday , nice quick flight and a quick Metro ride , plus a 6 block walk to the hotel and I was ready to hit up the expo.

The packet pick up was super easy and very quick , grabbed my Tshirt then went to the expo – loosely termed expo ! That was a joke. I am a girl who can spend hours at an expo but this one , I was in and out in 5 minutes.
I decided to head up to the Nike Georgetown store to actually buy stuff. Stopped by the wall and found my name

Purchased some swag then I hit up Georgetown cupcakes , as if I wouldn’t!


I spent quite a few hours walking and my feet were killing me , I wanted to save my legs so I headed back to the hotel , but I made sure and grabbed some Chipotle first!

Saturday was supposed to be a relaxing day , but it didn’t work out that way . I had to walk and get outside , it was gorgeous out. I went to the White House


Found the start line so I’d be prepared for Sunday am and then walked to the hotel. Yup , many many miles were walked Saturday!


Alarm set for 4:45
Made breakky

Got dressed and repped @IamLNTIK skirt and socks

15,000 runners lined up for a 7am start , ready to pass the Capitol


My first 2 miles were great , we went thru the tunnel and that was pretty cool , I was feeling good and the pack of runners never really thinned out . I realized at mile 3-4 I was having a wardrobe issue. My skirt with the built in compression shorts sucked . They rode up and I was chaffing ! I started fidgeting trying to fix them , lost cause!
Race was going well thru the 10k point and the crowd support was phenomenal . My feet started cramping at mile 10 , I don’t think my Mizuno Inspires are the right shoe. I’m blaming them!

Running over the Arlington bridge was gorgeous!
When I saw the Mile 12 marker I knew the tunnel was right ahead and we were almost done , I was still feeling ok . Had to snap a pic in the tunnel


Crossed that line with a Solid 2 min PR , Scotiabank was my previous Pr at 2:24 and today this happened


Oh heck yeah!
Found my handsome fella

Finally , a little blue box! Oh Tiffany’s , a girls dream

Final splits


An absolutely great day , gorgeous conditions and a shiny new PR to boot!

Happy Dawn

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