Well , the time has come that I feel like I need a change. I have been using the Nike Women’s half marathon training app for the past 7 weeks and they have been ok , but , I feel like the mileage is kind of high. Weekly totals are around 39 miles per week. For this busy working mom I am having troubles committing to it. If I don’t do them then I’m riddled with quilt like I’m quitting.



This was last weeks miles and they were not according to plan. I ran 7 instead of the required 14 miles on Sunday, seriously though what plan has you running 14 miles in week 7 when you are only running 13.1 for the race?
Confused! So I am back on the Hal Higdon plan again , intermediate


I like this plan , I’ve used it for every race and it works. So I guess the theory goes “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it ”
I’m starting week 8 today and love that Mondays are always stretch and strength day!

What plans do you use? Are you faithful to them? Do you change them up to adjust to your life schedule?

Let me know !


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  1. Hey Dawn! I use the Run Less Run Faster plan, less running and more focus on quality runs and cross training. I am injury prone so 5 or 6 days running just doesn’t work for me. I found a training plan to fit that instead of forcing miles out. Good luck in your Half!

    • Oh I’m definitely going to check that plan out! I like the idea of it! 6 days a week of running is just too much for me! I too injured my hips last fall by overtraining , I do not want to do that again.

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