Done and done !!
31.07 miles completed last week .

How did it go? Well for the most part not too bad , my hips started to tighten up by the end of the week so I skipped stretching for a few days . Huh ? Yes , I skipped stretching . I honestly think I may have been over stretching my hips and caused my own pain!

I focused this week on speed on the mill


See , all 9 min miles on there !

Saturday was my long run and it was the most uncomfortable , horrendous run ever ! I started out trying to determine my route and very quickly realized that I needed to run roads not sidewalks as they had iced up like a rink! Then after about 45 minutes the wind picked up and I was battling ridiculously strong head winds that had me feeling like I was going backwards instead of forwards! Nonetheless it got done and I felt great afterwards!

My monthly mileage totals as of today are sitting at 99.39 and I am super stoked considering I still have 4 days left in the month!

So now I will focus on fuel , protein and hydrating this week and gearing up for a 12 miler on Saturday!

Happy running friends!

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