Ok , I really needed to get this off my chest !

I will Never watch this show again!
In the beginning it started out like a really good program but it has turned into a huge mess!

I can 100% comment on this because I know what it is like to be 284lbs !

There is no way in HELL that Rachel did not “starve ” herself to win $$$$$


It is simple math – she would of had to significantly reduce her calorie intake to go from 260 lbs to 105??? Seriously , this is what you want to promote to your already self conscious viewers ? Yeah you can do it to folks – all you have to do is eat 1000 calories a day and workout for 6 hrs ! Easy peasy right !
I am so flabbergasted over her transformation , she looked emaciated!
Have a look at this pic


That is what 144lbs gone looks like – no hanging facial skin and sunken eyes and cheek bones !
Healthy and happy ! No I did not win a shit ton of money , what I did win was LIFE!

NBC needs to rethink their promotion of healthy living in my humble opinion. My children will never watch it as I’d rather instill proper nutritional guidelines and workout regimes.

This post is purely my own opinion and I gather I will receive both positive and negative feedback, and that’s ok.

So now that I’ve just finished my 5 mile run , drank my protein recovery drink and fuel up with a post run salad with protein I’m going to reflect on my own journey and be thankful that I have Won the Biggest Loser – Inkdgirl Style !

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There has been a lot of talk about body shaming since the finale and here is my thoughts.

Yes people will body shame the “fat” and the “skinny ” however, when you purposely lose weight and become ultra skinny you set yourself up for such comments. Naturally thin women take heat for having a metabolism we could only hope for , but people who willingly and knowingly force themselves into such thinness can be judged. Did I body shame Rachel , yup sure did. Criticize her results , yup sure did. Why ? Because the whole purpose of losing weight and getting fit is for your health and she exemplifies all things gone wrong !
My own opinion is that the number on the scale is a liar and I do not ever go by what I should weigh based on BMI charts , if I feel strong and healthy then I am winning.

Please take everything with a grain of salt, everyone’s journey is different and to each his own .

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  1. I saw a snippet of The Biggest Loser finale from last night. A girl lost 155lbs in 16 weeks—and looked gaunt, and unhealthy while people congratulated and admired her.
    Let’s math, shall we? 3500cal in a pound of fat. So in 16 weeks she had a caloric deficit of 542,500 calories…4,844 per day.
    This is unrealistic, and in no way a measure of health and balance. It sets an unrealistic expectation for others looking to this show for help, inspiration and goal setting.

    Healthy, maintainable weight loss is UP to 1-2lbs or 2% body weight per week (whichever is more) and, newsflash, THIS WON’T HAPPEN EVERY WEEK.
    There is nothing healthy about being afraid to eat, about obsessing over food and working out 8 hours a day with no rest days (trust me, I know).

    • Thank you , I just want to see her in a few months when she gives her body some fuel , I bet she will look healthier at 130 than she does now , rail thin is not attractive not healthy

  2. Yeah I am not watching anymore either. As someone who topped the scales at 298 last year.. This was horrible. I wrote a post too, but like yours more 🙂

    Here is to winning at life!

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