Ok so I am a day late on this post , but hey, I never do things as they are supposed to be done right!

Every year we all decide to make changes, resolutions,plans or goals – call it what you want but the real kicker is actually sticking to them .
I have always made goals for myself and I may not achieve or succeed fully at all of them but but dammit if I don’t try.

This year I have made a big goal for myself , a real challenge for me


That’s right, this IS the year I run my first full marathon and it scares the crap outta me!
I have already registered to run the Rock n Roll Las Vegas full in November, BUT I also applied for the NYCMARATHON in November, it is a lottery system so I don’t think I have a huge chance!
I will train for the full over the summer and I have no set PR plans , I just want to cross that line!

Another Goal for me is to start trail running


So beautiful and peaceful , much different than running asphalt , and I am registered to run a 23k trail race in Kentucky in March with my Run it Fast peeps. I am looking so forward to this one!

Another Goal – a 10hr Endurance Race
RUTS – Run Under The Stars in June in Kentucky

This is going to be crazy but I am again joining my Run it Fast club members so I am sure it will be a great social event as well .

I also have another Warrior Dash scheduled, the Nike Women’s half marathon in DC , Goodlife in Toronto in May and whatever else I can squeeze in. My goal is to run more half marathons than 2013 (I ran 3) I’d like to double that and run them with an open mind. Enjoy the race, embrace the race !

Lastly, my lifestyle has also made another major change. I had quit all alcohol for 3 years but decided to imbibe last year, not a good idea. I am not a good decision maker when I drink . So I have quit it completely again . I also changed my food habits too


This girl is back to her veggie ways. I saw some pics from last year of myself I looked better, healthier, leaner and happier so I decided that my haul body needed an overhaul. My plan is to continue to lift and I realize I don’t need a belly full of meat to power me for those workouts. As long as I have my Vega energizer and my GNC egg protein I’m set.

So , do you make goals or resolutions for the New Year or do you just say forget it? I wanna hear from you.

And remember to embrace the newbies at the gym /box or wherever you workout – we were all new once and your encouragement could help motivate them to stick with it !