Running that is !

I’m getting faster, stronger and better!
My treadmill splits tonight were all 9min/miles !! See


I ran 3.29 miles in 31 minutes and I felt great

No hip pain or foot pain either ! Currently freaking out!
I managed 2 outdoor runs this weekend at 5 + miles each day



Both runs – no pain!
I’m not going to lie , I’m pretty sure it’s because of these babies

The newest addition to my Mizuno family – the Wave Inspire 10’s!
In freaking love with them!

I’m still doing my Livefit 12 week training program to incorporate strength training .
I am also planking like a Boss too


So my friends , this is awesome news for me , I will keep doing my daily 3 milers with longer runs on the weekend! Look out Kentucky and DC , this girl is back!

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2 comments on “I think I’m Back Baby!”

  1. We are just coming out of a 9 day -35 ( i think) degree streak, I’m dying to get outside and run, super jealous that you still can see grass on the ground! Lol

    • That’s ridiculously cold!!! We had snow yesterday , but it melted and froze! I’m not good with ice ! Treadmill it is until I see asphalt , clear asphalt again!

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