Phase 1

Now that my half marathons are over I need a new focus and this will be it!

My therapist has very much informed me that I simply cannot be a runner and a Crossfitter at the same time so I have to pick , obviously I chose Running. It’s what I do! It’s what I love!

However, I also love to pick up weights! I love to challenge my muscles and and feel the burn of a good workout.

What I need is a plan though, I do not do well without following a schedule. Long ago I received all 12 weeks of this Live Fit program and tried it, but I never finished it. I am not following their diet plan because I Do Not Diet. I will be cleaning up my diet substantially and eating good carbs !

This plan also states that there is to be NO Cardio , I really do not like that. I love cardio and plan to keep it in my program. I may not be running everyday , but you may find me spinning or rowing! All great cardio exercises that won’t kill me!

Here is a look at what today has in store for me


I can handle that, nothing too scary right? Here’s my problem, I will try to lift heavier than the 60% effort they ask for. My reasoning, I’m already strong… I can lift a decent amount of weight so I will do maybe a 75-80% effort.
This is what they consider the Crucial 2 weeks


So off to the gym I go tonight with my little notepad to keep track of weights, reps and sets.

I will keep you posted!

Happy lifting friends!

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