You heard it right , I’m done with it .

I have come to realize that I just love to run , run with heart not my head !

I left Friday for Las Vegas to run the Rock N Roll Half Marathon and I was injured. Not broken/sprained kind of injured , just tore up injured.

My hip issues have been plaguing me since Scotiabank 4 weeks ago and I have been rehabbing.

Going into this race (which my therapist said I should NOT be running) I knew I was running for the pure enjoyment of it. No time goals, splits or pace to worry about.

I entered the race area early to watch the pre show


See , don’t I look relaxed and calm. I sat down and watched the concert and took in the crowd. No stress.
I was in Corral 19 with the 2:15 pace group, when I signed up that was my goal.
I didn’t feel the need to change it up.

I ran the 5k split at a decent pace and even continued that pace thru to the 10k mark .
It wasn’t until about mile 10 that I started to feel uncomfortable , not painful , just tight.

I walked when I needed too , danced when I felt like it and posed for the cameras.
I was so totally into this race emotionally. I loved each and every mile and I took in the sights. I saw things this year I missed last year because I was too focused.
This race felt different , my head wasn’t negative – telling me to hurry up , get going, don’t quit!
My head was saying “this is so cool” , go high five those people, smile big – you got this!

Here’s a recap of my splits

I finished last year at 2:26 and I was only 6 minutes slower this year at 2:32!


I was happy crossing that finish line , no last minute sprint to finish – just hands up smiles!



Look at that smile – that’s a girl who came, saw and conquered that race!
I did not feel the need to say to people afterwards what my time was or how I did, I told them how I felt- Accomplished!

I also got some awesome new glow in the dark bling


So what I’ve learned from this experience is this
Have fun
Be you
Don’t compare yourself to others
Run your own race
Your race your pace
Enjoy the run
Believe in yourself

And always remember


No more PR goals for this girl – I vow to just RUN because it is what I love to do.

4 comments on “No Longer Chasing the PR !”

    • Thanks Jen, I realize I will never be an elite, an age group winner in general so I might as well just enjoy the sport and see what happens

  1. You look so happy in all these pics! And I really love your perspective. Most of the time when I race it’s because I want to check out a new place or experience the race as a whole. When I go into races with the PR mentality, it’s definitely not as much fun, and I’m definitely guilty of doing that more times than I’d like to admit.
    Nice recap! I’m glad you run for fun. Great job!

    • Thank you , I figure I PR’d the first 2 half’s this year so Vegas was all about experiencing and feeling the race ! I loved it and felt great during and after so it was worth the time! Thanks for reading the post , much appreciated ❤️

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