I trained for 11 weeks for the Scotiabank Waterfront Half Marathon and all it took was a bad hip to bring everything to light.

I put in time , effort and sacrificed family time in order to reach a goal . A goal I met by PR’ing the race by 2 minutes But in the end did I really ever wonder , Why do I do this?

I am now faced with another half marathon in 2 weeks – Rock n Roll Las Vegas Strip at Night and I am hurt / injured and I am ok with that . I am actually ok with just “running” this race . No time goals, no stress no training runs . I am going to just go out there and Run .

I am not chasing a PR , not expecting a trophy or hoping to kill it and that feels really good.

With this setback of being injured I have realized that – 3 years ago this girl


284lb Dawn didn’t have any goals , no dreams of being anything other than just “Fat Dawn”

But enter this Dawn – no title required – just a girl who realized she can do whatever she wants. She can conquer her fears , she can do anything she wants – why, because she believes she Can!

Injured or not injured , I will run this half marathon ! It may hurt and it may suck , but I am going to take it as a learning experience , I may have to walk some of it and that is ok!

My sports therapist told me to start back running this week and I did . Baby steps – easy 3 milers on the treadmill for me . It’s a start !

So what have I learned from all this training – sometimes it takes training the brain before training the body!

I don’t think I will dedicate so much time to the actual training plan next time , I’m going to just let my body tell me when I’ve done enough.

I am not an age group winner , don’t ever plan on being one –

I run because I love it , it is my quiet time , my time to just be alone with my music!

So when I race my 23k trail race in March 2014 I will be there with a clear head , a fresh start and a recovered body !


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