OMG , I think I’m back?
I did this today


Now the time is off as I started the app before the treadmill , I ran it in 35 minutes ( big deal I know) but anyways I Ran!
I took it easy , kept on the lookout for any pains or twitches , but felt none!
My therapist said I need to take baby steps and to me a 3 miler is just that .

I did not wear my new Brooks shoes today because I’m saving those for outdoor runs to break them in.

I was feeling so good post run I had to lift



Nothing too crazy though – 17.5lb bicep curls – 15 lb DB shoulder presses and then a little 135lb deadlift . 10×3 reps/sets

Feeling great!

So watch world , Inkdgirl is back on the RUN!