OMG , can we talk about how amazing a spin. Workout is !
Yesterday I hopped on the spin bike for the first time ever

I really didn’t know anything about it or what the hell I was supposed to do ?
Pedal – right?
Well I gave it a whirl and ride for 20 minutes and I sure felt it !
I then proceeded to row a bit and do a leg workout , they were jelly !

So once I got back to the office I knew I liked this Spin thing and needed to be knowledgeable about it . So I went to my best source – YouTube
I found this really great 29 minute video
spin for beginners

I watched it from start to finish ! I learned a lot !
Funny thing , I was reading my Self Magazine last night and they had a 35 minute spun workout in it , complete with music downloads!
It was titled Rockstar Ride ( perfect for this Rockstar)
Here is an excerpt from the article

“Your fuel for this 35-minute sweatfest: a one-of-a-kind playlist from instructor Michael MacNeal, creator of the insanely popular Monster Cycle workout. Match up your leg speed to its beat using any upright stationary bike to torch five-oh-oh.

Legs like whoa. This routine’s mix of hills and heavy resistance earns you lean, toned thighs—no bulk!

Get the routine »

It’s all about the music! Go to to download these sweet jams via Spotify.”
Here is the link to the article on
rockstar ride

I did it today and man oh man – sweaty beast!


My quads were shivering after those hill climbs! I like that I decide the resistance on the bike.
Afterwards I knew it was upper body strength , legs were fried!

I planked, rolled and stretched!

So I guess if I can’t run right now , this is the perfect way to keep my cardio levels up! You will Never catch me walking on the treadmill!


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