Yup , I’m screwed and I wanna cry!

I’ve been dealing with these hip and pelvis issues all week , and they were getting better!
On Monday and Tuesday my foot was killing me and I could hardly walk – I thought it was due to hip !

I went to the chiropractor 2 x this week and I was feeling great!
I ran a quick 3 miler on the treadmill Thursday and didn’t feel too bad!

I rested Friday and Saturday , mostly because I was too busy with work to run , then decided that I was taking my new Brooks for their maiden outdoor run!
I geared up in my NorthFace cold gear pants

I felt good , the first mile felt good – it was on pace for 9:20 mile, I was ok !

Then I hit mile 3 and my foot wasn’t right , the outside of my right foot and underneath it was screaming- like deep throbbing pain!
I made it mile 4.5 before I called for a ride, I have Never Ever Not finished a run. Today I did .


I got dropped off directly at emerg because I was sure it was a stress fracture. I waited my 3 hrs


Got xray’d and the Dr ( who is a runner) said he can’t see a stress fracture, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. He said usually 2 weeks before you can see it on a scan. He did ,however, think it was definitely ligaments. With the overcompensation of the hip issue during the half I may have injured it then. I agree as the pain was there post half.

So , prognosis – I won’t die , go figure!
BUT , I am absolutely NOT allowed to run for 2 weeks!

Ummmmmm, I have Vegas on the 17th of November!

Guess there won’t be anymore training runs for that one!

My job now is to RICE – rest,ice,compress and elevate .
I think I will actually take his advice and listen. Maybe if I do rest it for 2 weeks I could be healed by Vegas?

Then I could actually RUN the race!

So I am going to be a very good girl and do no running! I will still lift and do weights , without a lot of weight bearing , just to keep the muscles strong!

I will run you Vegas – I ain’t out yet!


6 comments on “Officially Injured!”

    • I DO! I might just do that , I asked if I could bike and he said as long as it doesn’t hurt! I’m going to do what’s right , I want to run Vegas again , actually run! Not walk it

  1. I injured myself in September and while it stinks, RICE definitely helped. I continued to do upper body/lifting/etc. and going to physical therapy until I was cleared to run. I hope you’re healed by Vegas! xo

    • I’m happy to hear that RICE worked for you and it gives me hope! I am going to try and spin to keep my cardio up , and definitely will keep at the weights so I don’t lose any muscle, hey it’s only 2 weeks right! Lol

      • Exactly – I was worried that I was going to “lose” it all! But I ran a 10k after being off for almost a month and it felt good to get back. It wasn’t the BEST time ever (but that’s because I was running in crappy weather more than my leg hurting) but I was just so happy to BE running. Be well!

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