So I knew something had to be wrong with my body as a result of yesterday’s half marathon results . Yes I did PR it by 2 minutes and that makes me ridiculously happy , BUT I knew I could do better . I trained my butt off for this , I was ready (despite the quad issue) and I wanted it, bad.
So as you know after ready Recap Part 2 – it was at around 16k when my calves started spasming and my Achilles hurt. I assumed dehydration , too fast etc.

Well , when I got home last night I had a nice hot shower and tried to put my compression socks back on , and BAM ! Big toe erection – huh you say?
Well my foot went into a spasm and it pulled my big toe down into a position that would not release

Yeah I took a picture !
The muscle , ligament, tendon whatever the hell it is , on the bottom of my foot was so tight I could get it out! Then my other foot did the same , all night long! Major spasms!
I woke up today and felt not too bad , then I started walking and it started again ?
I got had of an amazing massage /sports therapist who came highly recommended as he too is an athlete.
He got me in tonight and lets just say – OH Shit !
This is not your mamas kinda massage ! I had me folded like a pretzel, elbows dug in places so deep I was borderline ball my eyes out and he immediately said to me – oh man , you are f*cked! Love this guy!
Turns out , my feet , my calves and my quads are all a result of my entire pelvic region being so completely out of place ! My hips are not in proper alignment at all.
As I’m kneeling on the massage table he says to me “Can you do the splits”
Um , hell ya I can ! So there I am on a massage table in the position and he grabs me from behind and turns my hips into their proper position – which was nowhere near where they were!

I will be seeing lots of him over the next few months , I need lots of help.
He knew a out Vegas in 26 days and he pretty much said you are screwed Dawn! Go have fun but don’t expect anything !
I have some major rehabbing to do to get back in alignment and form but I will do it . He told me I need to take a. Real from running , but I have a race in March?
I can’t break ?
Compromise , I am not going to do any long runs before Vegas – 6 miles max at a time . No fast paced intervals , just easy runs!

He also looked At my shoes and said NO WAY! My wave riders are toast and no good for my feet!
So I’m getting a gait analysis done and will finally have the proper shoe for me .

Big changes coming up but I won’t let it deter me ! I will take care of myself because I’ve come way to far to quit now!
284lb Dawn would have given up , but not this Dawn – she’s a fighter!

Thank you all for your kind words and you all give me the power and motivation to just keep going .
I ❤️ you all!

4 comments on “Sports Therapist – Bad news!”

    • Thanks Rob ! Time and patience , my 2 least favorite things! I will begin my stretching regime today and try and get these hip and pelvic bones back in place !

  1. Oh, I love my sports massage guy.. yes, a complete hours of pain and torture and amazing hurts so good wanna cry in the best way possible..

    I had my hips worked on quite a few times before this race.. definite a necessary expense in your body!

    I really hope it gets worked out soon, Dawn!!!

    • Me too! I can’t wait to see him again on the 30th , he hurt so good!
      It blows that my body is rejecting me and all my training but it’s time to suck it up and just run for fun! No stress , no worries! I’m going to be a good girl and do my stretching as taught to me! Gait analysis being done today for some new shoes too!

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