This is the tough one !

I stared the day feeling super awesome , woke up and for the first time in 4 days my quads were not on fire! Sweet , I felt like a PR could happen!
Ate my oatmeal , with ice tongs as I forgot a spoon, drank my coffee’s and got dressed

I grabbed my Vega SF energizer packet and a bottle of water and headed to the lobby .
I met a lovely lady named Liz and we chatted for about an hour. We proceed to our corrals and said goodbye, she was in a faster one than me , most are!

I got in line with the 25,000 other people and said a few prayers!

Found a pace group I wanted to kinda hang with

Then we were off ! Mile 1 was fast and I was under 9 min and pacing well.
Mile 2-3 were about 9:30 minutes ( gotta download Garmin still) and my 5 k time was around 31 minutes. I shed my gloves and arm sleeves pretty quickly as the temps turned out perfect!
Mile 4-5 I was still keep a decent 10 min/Mile pace, I was around 41 minutes at 4 miles I believe.
I was just around 9k when the elites passed me , those Kenyans are freakin amazing !
I say my super speedy friend Steve @Zepphead and gave him a Whoot !
I hit the turnaround point and things were still ok , I was getting tight but not uncomfortable . Enter 16k , death ! My calves and Achilles went into major spasm. I hit the outer path and stretched on the curb. Not helping , I tried to fast walk it and it was better . I realized I could not stop or it would seize right up . I have never felt like 5k was the longest run of my life until today! At the 10k mark I was at 1:04 and on pace for a 2:10 finish ( my goal was 2:15) but that came to an abrupt end! I could not go fast(I use the term fast loosely) I could barely go! As I stood on the curb stretching I did get a great shot of the CN Tower

Figured I might as well get some snaps in if I can’t run!
I managed to get to the 500m left mark and I tried to book it ! Yeah right , I got to 200m left and walked a few feet! Hello jello legs!
Then the almighty 100m left sign was up and I said Fuck It , I’m going! I turned on the jets , passed a dozen people and finished! I had visions of being one of those people who passes out after finishing and was kinda scared! I did not pass out! I got my foil blanket and had a nice gentleman take my pic

Took my official Garmin pic


Did a quick selfie with my medal

Grabbed my water.bagel and banana then tried to find a quiet spot so I cold check for my chip time

Quickly called home to find out my last half time , from the Goodlife in May (I couldn’t remember) I needed to see if I PR’d
I Freakin DID , by a solid 2 minutes! Even with that shitty spasm I still managed a PR ! I was elated , until the drive home when I had time to reflect, we will get to that.
I went back to the hotel , showered , changed and got outta there.
Getting out if the city was a nightmare, I think every major artery was closed! Thank god for the GPS!
So once on the 401 I had time to think , mostly about why I let myself slow down? Why didn’t I have the balls to fight thru it? Why are there people older than me beating me ? Why is that person that I passed a mile ago now ahead of me? What the hell did you just spend the last 11 weeks training for?
Then I felt like the 284lb Fat girl I used to be! I really felt like I had this race , it was flat and fast , I can do this . I felt like I failed my training.
BUT , then I got home and started going through my training pics and found this from a week ago

12 miles in 2:27 , ummmm I kinda just kicked that pace’s ass!
Then my very sweet twitter friends reminded and humbled me by reminding me that I Finished, something many never do.
I was brought back down from my pity party and realized it isn’t always about the numbers!
I have

27 days to regroup , refocus and recharge before my next half in Vegas.
This is my 3rd half marathon this year , that is something to be proud of , Fat Dawn would never have even thought about that feat.
So , I will resume my training this week , try to figure out these spasm issues and get some salt tabs for the next race.
I do not consider myself an experienced runner and I’m always learning from people everyday . I will take this race and use it as a learning experience and move onto the next one . I need to remember , I still PR’d that bitch!

Keep on being awesome my friends!
I ❤️ you all

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    • Thank you my friend , doesn’t it suck when all is going great – then Bam! Done! I hate it ! But as long as we finish that’s all that matters !

  1. Dawn you’re amazing and inspiring!! And you worked your butt off to get where you are!! And you ran with a freaking injury and still PRed!!

    Your race, your pace, remember? 😉

    Take care of your body lady!!!!

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