You know those 12 weeks of training , those lost early Sunday mornings, the pain, the sweat, the lost family time – well it all comes down to RACE DAY!

You have worked your butt off sacrificing fun nights out on a Saturday night just because you had a 5am run the next day! You think you have done everything right , Right?

Well enter this idiot >>>>>>>> ME !
I have committed to ultimate race failure! I am on my taper week , a week early of course because I miss calculated my weeks ( another idiot mistake) and was looking forward to the lower mileage.
Monday was stretch and strength day and I really didn’t do either , I’d do it later in week. Tues is ran a great 4 miler , wed I went to the gym for a quick run , supposed to be 30 min – I made it 20! Hate that thing .

1- So , idiot me decided to hang out in the squat rack , hmm lets see ? Why don’t we rack up 95lbs and bang out 10 reps for 3 sets, then let’s do some front ones too! Maybe even some hang cleans too!


Obviously I felt fine right away, had a sauna , ate some dinner then “attempted” to crawl up the 13 stairs to my bed!
Not happening!
I was dying – my quads and inner thighs burned!!
Ok , DOMS are going to set in big time ! Please don’t last past Saturday !

Well we are on Friday night , I’m medicated, lubed up on A535, and foam rolled(cried) so I need y’all to pray for my quad recovery before Sunday!


Just run Dawn , run like you can!


I put my big girl Run It Fast hat on to see if it would give me legs ! Let’s hope!


2- Do NOT forget to pack your nutrition before the race ! This is crucial ! Same as you have been using for training

3- do NOT forget technology – Make sure you’re Garmin /iPod is fully charged (remember charger)

4- check and double check you have all gear (socks, deodorant, toothpaste, GU, arm/calve sleeves)

5 – Do NOT forget breakfast ! I always eat instant oatmeal with bananas and PB , every single race ! No tummy trouble !

6- Do NOT dehydrate the day before , carry a bottle of water and Nuun , my fav , and drink drink drink !

7- do NOT by something at the expo that you don’t need , save your $$$$$ for the good stuff!

8 – Do NOT assume all races have transportation from finish line back to host hotels ! Had that happen once! Not cool !

Good luck to all racing this weekend


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