This week has been awesome so far !

I know I am crazy because 90% of my runner friends hate to Taper but I actually enjoy it . Yes I love my long runs my knowing I can just get out there and run 3 short quick runs this week makes me happy .

My last week of taper calls for this
Monday – stretch and strength ✅
Tuesday – 4 miles ✅
Wednesday – 30 minute tempo run
Thursday – 3 mile
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Rest

I just have to share with you my run last night . All day I was just not feeling great , I was sluggish , tired and my back hurt ! I did not anticipate a great run but I knew I had to get it done . Then something magical happened


Omfg – look at that 1st mile – 8:04 !! Who gave me wings??? I have never taken off like that before? I figured I would burn out and suck for the rest of the run but I didn’t ? I felt strong! I ran my fastest 3 mile run and 4 mile run ever!!!

I was on cloud nine for the rest of the night and now I am super stoked for Sundays half!


Never give up , Keep Going and remember – You Got This!!!