Oh man , let’s do this!

Finished off my 11 week (counted wrong) not 12 week Hal Higdon program with my last long run today !


So not a great run , I started out ok and getting to 6 miles was pretty good. Then I turned around to make my way back home and I just wasn’t feeling it? Oh well it happens and I knew it was my last long run for the week.

Now I start working on this


Time to Carbo Load for the week!

No I will not be excessive about this and yes I will balance it with proteins and veg !

Now I’m going to fill my face full of turkey because it’s Thanksgiving Day here in Canada


Have a great day friends, Happy Running!

6 comments on “Let the TAPER begin!!!”

  1. Happy Tapering! I found the best way to carbo load is with sweet potatoes. I added a third of a sweet potato in at breakfast time mixed with some almond or peanut butter. Really delish, and no grain!

  2. I am learning that there is so much that you can do with sweet potatoes. I may have to force myself to like them!

    Happy Turkey/Taper!

    • They are soooo delish! I bet you will like them if you try them in coconut oil , sautéed and a sprinkle of cinnamon… Or in the microwave then topped with almond butter.. Yummy !
      Happy Turkey Taper to you as well

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