So, I was standing in my kitchen this am looking at this training plan


I’m on week 10 day 4— but wait a minute???? My half is next Sunday ??? That’s 1 week away , not 2 ya big dummy! I realized that when I counted back 12 weeks from the 20th , I missed a week! So , long story short , I’m supposed to be on week 11 this week with my taper beginning Monday !

Oh dear lord, what a blonde I am! Good thing I have increased my mileage and have been able to run a 12 miler already! I have run 5 miles every night since Tuesday , and plan on another 12 miler this Sunday!

See , I’m pacing ok and getting a 10min/mile going on !

I think I may do a short run Friday (which is a rest day) , take Saturday off then give er hell on Sunday!

But , I am having some issues with my hamstring being awfully tight and this is what I’m doing tonight


So now that I know what week I’m on I’m going to just keep running and then let the taper begin!

Happy running friends!

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