Yeah , that’s me!
I said I would post daily for my eat clean challenge , and I haven’t!

I know – bad bad blogger!

It hasn’t been epic or any kind of awesome , I’ve been bad and have failed at this challenge!
It all started with a big chewy cheddar bagel from Tim Horton’s
After that it all fell apart!

I have been hydrating , mostly coffee, mixed with water – that’s hydrating , right?

So then it all went to pot and I ate whatever I wanted , I even went to Lonestar tonight ! I did make a pretty good choice though


That’s tequila (oops) shrimp, with veg over rice, kinda ok ?

Oh well , I have always been good for acknowledging my faults and failures and I will not quit , I will be more conscious of what goes in my yap!

It won’t always be clean , but it is usually pretty darn good ! Hey , one does not simply lose 144lbs by being a failure!

On a much more awesome note – I now running this race
County Marathon

The Prince Edward County Marathon

My friend got in touch with me tonight as her 5 man relay team had been whittled down to 2 – due to drop outs last minute! The race is Sunday !

So I agreed , hit my social media sites and got us back up to a team! I have agreed to man one of the first legs , either 11k or 10k so I am pretty ok with that !

I need to drop back on some miles this week so that will make up my “long” run

Oh yeah , I also played around and made a new avi , ain’t I cute


Of course you can expect full race recaps and pics to follow ! I am also pretty stoked that the weather calls for thunderstorms and freezing temps – NOT!

Any who , I’ve been up since 3 am so I gotta catch up on sleep then commence carbo loading Saturday ! Seriously , I know I don’t need to load for a 11k , but who wouldn’t use that excuse to eat carbs???


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    • Yeah , for the marathon! I also only thought there were relays for races like Ragnar but last year there were 76 relay teams for this race. It’s a Boston qualifier race so it draws a big crowd, it will be fun and I’m glad I’m not the sprinter who needs to finish fast!

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