Today is the Day!

I , along with a handful of my Facebook friends , have started a 7 Day Eat Clean Challenge!


You all know I do not diet , this is a lifestyle event! I pledged at the beginning of September that I would be more mindful of the food I put in my yap and it has paid off! The scale told me so this am ! I will get to that in a minute!

If you want to partake in this challenge follow me on Facebook – Shrinking Inkdgirl and you can see the updates and recipes we will be posting!

I will also be doing daily blog posts on my food , what I’m drinking and how I’m exercising!

So, yesterday was meal prep day !


I cooked up a dozen hard boiled eggs


Grilled up some turkey burgers and steamed some green beans


Baked some chicken breasts and sweet potatoes


Microwaved a spaghetti squash and cooked a turkey breast



That black stuff beside the turkey is roasted garlic cauliflower , amazing !

Fast forward to this am !

I weighed in and took some snaps of the body


At the beginning of September I was 159lbs so I’ll take a 6lb loss anyday!

My big struggle this month will be sugar substitutes ( which I know will kill me) literally, I need to learn to drink my coffee without them!
This morning I had a coffee with coconut milk and cinnamon, it was good but I think I may use a little real sugar or stevia to jazz it up!

I have my snacks packed

Hummus and veg for the win , ate a healthy veggie omelette with an avocado for breakfast


Now I’m going to sit back with a large glass of water and re read this book


Happy eating friends!

2 comments on “Eat Clean 7 Day Challenge”

  1. Great job with sticking too the clean eating challenge this month!
    I fell off the wagon about 3 weeks in when I started having GI problems… My body does not like fiber!!!

    • I’m trying super hard this time , it’s only 7 days and if all works out I will stick with it ! Sorry to hear of your tummy troubles

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