Sounds like fun eh?

It will wash off eh?

It’s raining too , how cool is that !

All those things were said Sat am at 6am prior to the start of this race


I decide a long while back that a “Color Run” should be on my bucket list , so I signed up my daughter and I to do one in Kingston . Run or Dye

We woke up bright and early Saturday morning and it was raining , like pissing down rain and cold as all Hell! Great day for a race , right !

We got our race swag on and headed out , the start line was a blast


The Guys who were DJ ‘ ing had the crowd on their feet- tossing dye packs all willy nilly and we were eating it up! Then we started tossing dye around


That stuff was flying everywhere! I wish I had of wore glasses because our eyes were covered! We hadn’t even started the “race” yet and we looked like this

The gun went off and we were running , ok not really – it was more of a light jog, but that was ok – it was a fun run , no clocks!

The course was cool as it went through Fort Henry , if the weather would have cooperated it would have been better. I really just wanted to hurry up and get it done so I could have a coffee.
There were I think 4 stations you ran through where they threw dye at you , which was cool. We were pretty colorful

Once we finished they had a water station and a stage set up for a post race BBQ – sorry , not happening! I was frozen , wet and dyed and I needed coffee and a shower stat!
Now to the clean up – this was a sh*tshow !
I had to work that afternoon and I looked like I had a beet bath ! That stuff was not coming off! I showered 3 x and my hair still looked like this

I scrubbed my face so hard it is raw and today – Monday , my skin is flaking off!
My hands still are pink and my calluses have sucked up the dye! Poor Mikaela works at a restaurant and scrubbed hers with baking soda and dish soap to try and get it off! We are a hot mess!

So , words of wisdom – do not plan on going anywhere socially post race because you will look like a rainbow puked on you !

Overall it was fun , but it is now crossed off the list and you will not see me at another Color Run – I will stick to races!