Confession time!

I have not been a very good post WLS (weight loss surgery) patient, nor a clean eater lately! I have been eating CRAP! It happens, time to be accountable and make some changes!

Today I did this

Well , first I stepped on it ! Dammit… I did not like what I saw. 160.4 lbs… My lowest and unhealthiest weight was 140lbs. That was post op plastic’s and I was pretty weak. I am weighing in at the same weight as my last Dr’s appt in July so I haven’t gained anything. However, my body is telling me to cut the crap.

I have definitely scaled back on the lifting and concentrated more on the running. My body was always much leaner during my heavy running months and I liked it.

So how does one get back to basics?

Do you Eat Clean? Stay clear of the dreaded “White Stuff”?


Eat Real Foods?

Meat, Fish and Veggies?

I honestly believe that food is thy medicine and it will make the body run like a well oiled machine if fed properly. There are so many “diets” out there and I do not believe in any of them .. not even the big High Protein Low carb one

I was back on my veggie and fruit only lifestyle but I really did miss protein. I want to eat chicken again and fish and steak! So I cannot label myself as This or That.

What I am going to do is the following

– drink a ton of water a day
-stay away from diet sodas
-reduce the amount of bread I eat
-eat more raw veggies
-consume the adequate amount of protein my body requires
-not overthink things
-stay away from cupcakes
-be happy
-stay active

Pretty decent pledge to myself I’d say.

I do love myself , but I need love my stomach more and feed it good food!

September is my month to get control of the food that goes into my mouth! Challenge accepted.
Stay tuned for some healthy and clean recipes from me this month because that is my focus.

Do you want to join me in this Healthy Clean Eating challenge?

Leave me a message and we can support each other!

4 comments on “I need a Food Do Over! September challenge.”

  1. I definitely feel ya on letting my food habits slide lately. I agree that labeling yourself as one thing leads to over analyzing which leads to me making weird food choices. I will definitely join you in getting back to the basics this month, but I’m keeping my carbs 🙂

    • Carbs are my weakness! I don’t consider sweet potatoes a Carb!! Lol – they are veggies! I do love a piece of toast with PB though!
      Time to just clean up the eats and focus on water!

      We got this !

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