I have yet another quick and easy vegetarian supper idea and you can totally make it with real chicken for the carnivores!

Here’s how it all went down


In a large saucepan , bring water to a boil, add in a box of penne noodles and some frozen broccoli!
Cook till penne is al dente

Drain pasta and broccoli – spray a baking pan with Pam .
Add penne and broccoli to the pan , too with Gardein Turk’y or “Chik’n ” strips
Use the real chicken breasts for the carnivores! For my family I used the pre cooked packaged already cooked strips!

I like to add this to mine

Top with jarred Alfredo , I used 2 jars of Newmans Own ! I do not make real Alfredo – I’m not a chef! I’m a mom! And I am unskilled! Lol


Top with shredded Italian style cheese

Cover with foil and bake at 350 degrees till cooked through – approx 30-40 minutes
Remove foil for last 5 minutes and broil top to crisp up the cheese!


It doesn’t look to awesome but it tasted amazing! Add some fresh pepper to it to jazz it up!

Enjoy yet another high quality me from me to you !

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