Ok , not going to lie but I’m kinda freaking out about this!!!

Way back in March I “competed “in the Crossfit Games Open . I use the term competed loosely as I was a newbie Crossfitter and had only been at it since January!

I did ok , not awesome , but ok. I look back at what I had to do and realize I have progressed so much since then. I do feel pretty confident in my lifts and practice techniques as much as I can .

Here is our competition


We have teams of 4 – 2 guys , 2 girls
One member must be a member of the law enforcement , military or emergency services division. Cool right!
Today they posted the WOD’s


My eyes lit up when I saw Deadlifts!! You know I love to Deadlift!

Good thing we practiced them today

Prior to this WOD we maxed out our deadlifts 2x2x2x2x2x2x2
I made it to 225 before coach called it . We videotaped my lift and worked on form , I did not pr today – current 240lb deadlift stands.

After this skill we did a 7 minute EMOM of 165lb deadlifts x 2 .

Felt great !

I RX’d the WOD at 155lbs making it to 8 rounds in 6 minutes. Once finished , we had a cash out of drop sets of pull up and handstand push ups . So , I had to do 8,7,6,5, etc of each. Guess what isn’t healing after today


It was just starting to heal! CrossFit problems!

I felt pretty good after today and still managed to get my running training in


Yes I matched my new Swirl Gear shirt to my Mizunos tonight!

So stay tuned for competition updates and Friday I will be enjoying a Rest Day and carbo loading!

Stay strong friends !