Ladies , ya gotta pick up the weights!

I know I used to be afraid to go into the big boy part if the gym – you know , that part where the meatheads worked out!
I would do my cardio and then hide out in the machine room with the elderly people so nobody looked at me funny!

Not anymore! Since attending my Crossfit box from January till today – I feel confident picking up weights. I have learned the proper form for lifting and now I am one of the meatheads!

Check out my vibe from last nights session!

My half training calls for strength training and last night I worked on it . I started off warming up on the treadmills doing 400m sprints, then lifted – cleans , push presses,front squats,back squats and some squat cleans!
From there I worked on dumbell presses, bicep curls and planking!


Followed by some sit ups and push ups! A solid hour of sweat and it was time to foam roll out those knots


So ladies , go research lifting and proper techniques and get yourself into that big boy room ! You will see the results in a matter of weeks!


This will happen


Go pick up something heavy today girls!