Week 1 Done!

I figured you probably do not want daily posts so I just bundled this week into 1 post – you are welcome!

I’m following Hal Higdon’s Intermediate plan again as it seemed to work last time.
Here’s how the plan looks

So, Sunday I did Warrior Dash 3.2 miles
Monday – stretch and strength done at home
Tuesday – 3 miles
Wed – 5×400’s
Thursday – 3 miles – missed it due to working late
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 3 miles but I did 6 to make up for Thursdays 3!
Sunday- 5 miles!

A decent week of runs , only 1 Crossfit class though urghh hate missing it – I need my strength training!

I’ve been swapping shoes too this week , using my Mizuno Wave Rider 16’s, Wave Sayonarra’s and my Wave Precision ‘s ! I love all of these shoes and want to keep each pair fresh , so I run in them , alternately!

Wave Riders
And then Wave Sayonarra’s

Sorry forgot the pic of the Precision’s!


The weather has been phenomenal for running , bright sunny and not humid!


I do still manage to sweat salt like a crazy person. Anyone else a salty sweater out there? How do you replenish?

2 comments on “Week 1 half training – DONE – round 2”

  1. Fellow salty sweater here! After I finished my first half my face and neck were covered in salt…it was extremely humid! I guzzle down some Powerade or Nuun and that seems to help

    • All hail the salty sweaters!!!

      I am covered in salt too post run, no matter the distance! I drink Amina’s during my run , carry salt tabs for long runs and down Nuun the minute I walk in the door! I’ve learned the hard way about dehydration!

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