Thank you Mt Morris for an amazing time!
I attended this race with my son Nik and my awesome friend Jen @winetoweights
We came , we saw we conquered!

And … We got muddy!

This was our before shot – here is our after


The race was so much fun , we ran a good 1.5 miles before the first obstacle – I was wondering where they all were?

We crawled in trenches, swam in murky water, climbed over many obstacles,hiked up and down muddy trails, walked a beam and ran thru fire!

None of these obstacles were too scary though, they were pretty safe – but the balance beam was kinda scary!
The last obstacle was belly crawling under barbed wire , that’s where I got my mud beard

All teeth in that pic! I kept my mouth shut tight , not swallowing mud!

Then we hit up the “showers” – not really showers , more like a sprinkler with zero water pressure

This is as clean as I was getting!

Time to pull out our Warrior hats


We are so cool!

Then it was time to retire my Mizuno’s to the donation shoe pile

Look at all those donated shoes


Up next – FOOD
Oh hey turkey legs



Had to wash that down – Beer o clock


I highly recommend this race to people of all running levels, anyone can do it – you just have to be fierce – like us


4 comments on “We are WARRIOR’S!”

  1. Glad your experience was better than mine! Waiting for a bus to get there, horrible bag check people, nothing but a pond to “wash” off in, nowhere to change clothes, and standing in a 2 hour line to get back to our cars!! Love the mud beard 🙂

    • Oh man that sucks! We had no issues with bag check or lines, but the shower at the finish sucked lol . I had to change in a ports potty which proved difficult ! We had a great time with good food and good beer!

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