Today my head quit!


Every single time I run , I repeat to myself ” your legs aren’t giving up , your head is”. This is my mantra for when I want to quit.

Today my head won! I wanted to get out and get a long run in , and I did but during this run I kept quitting! Stopping , walking, over thinking the run. “Why do my legs hurt?” “Why am I so tired?” “Why can’t I run 2 freaking miles without stopping?”


I wanted to quit today , but I knew I would be disappointed in myself so I finished it. It was ugly but it got done!

I decided to head down to the river because this place always makes me smile. I walked alot on the trails , simply to take in the beauty of the run. It didn’t matter how fast I was going – I was going!

I finished it , I had no goals or time for today’s run , I just wanted to go.
My head started failing me around mile 2. I sucked it up

Just remember friends , everybody has bad days but we just need to power through the bad thoughts and finish strong.

This run was probably my worst 8 miler on record but that’s ok, it happens.


I’m ok with showing you my splits to prove it!

Here was my route


Came home and chugged back an egg protein shake , put my feet up and thought to myself “it’s over, it didn’t kill you and you finished” – to me that’s winning! I don’t have to be fast , I just have to finish what I started


Today I am thankful my legs carried me 8.4 miles !

So head issues – you can go to hell!


4 comments on “Head Issues!”

  1. Dawn, thank you for sharing this and being so honest about it. You know my struggles with running, and I look up to you as some sort of running super star goddess. 😉 It’s good to know that even the rockstars can have a rough day and feel bad about a run. But I know you’ll easily turn it around and have an awesome run soon. 🙂

    • Today was rough, actually the past few have been tough! I need to focus and get my head in the game! I am going to focus on my training and scale back CrossFit for the next 12 weeks. I need to get past this head issue! You my friend are a rockstar! Keep on being awesome

      • Crossfit does so much more mentally for me, but I’ve been running every Saturday 3-4 miles lately and it was getting better.. but then this past Saturday sucked. lol. Well, the first two miles did; then I I think I ran one of my best miles yet for the third! (9:57). Adding mileage terrifies me.

        You’re doing awesome at what you do. And sadly, I think it is difficult to be great at two things at once; need to have marathon season and then Crossfit season 🙂

        • I haven’t even started training yet and I’m feeling burnt out! I’d love a CrossFit season lol ! Adding mileage is difficult, they say to only up it by 10% each week I think. I just didn’t want to give up on running in my off season that I have to start from scratch again. I do feel stronger running – thanks of course to lifting, but I need to make running a priority now. That’s the plan for the next 3 months! Urgh

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