Omg how do we do this? Summer running/training is the most demonic torturous exercise ever!
I start my half training in 2 weeks and I am pretty sure I’m going to die, yep die! It has consistently been over 30 degrees here, closer to 40 with the humidex and I want to barf! I love running in the heat with the sun on me but when my lungs are puking at mile 2 – I am a mess!
I headed out after 6pm last night because I thought it had to be getting cooler- wrong!

Look at me

I was only at mile 2 in this pic and I was at 21 minutes of my run! I am a sweaty mess! I did have some gorgeous skies to look at

Here I am hiding out under the bridge to get the dang sun off me for a minute


I drank my hug of amino’s well before the end of mile 4 and when I got home I was super dehydrated

Look at that time – brutal

NO negative splits here

I downed a bottle of water and this awesome stuff ASAP


That helped, but so did these


I was spent! Threw on my Zensah sleeves and called it a night!

Today I felt I wasn’t quite hot enough so I went to the Box for a Major nooner sweatfest


That is a lot of reps, count em!

Prior to that WOD I did however PR my back squat


So for all you people suffering with this heatwave . I am feeling it for ya too!

Stay cool peeps