It has been super hot here and I love it . What I don’t love is the humidity though! I try to run in the evening when the sun is just starting to set but really it isn’t any cooler !

I set out last night for a run and I had no plans for distance or time, just go.

It was hot! I decided to wear my Fuel Belt to ensure I had enough liquids and I hate that belt! Well not the belt itself but the stupid bottles! As I’m running I’m feeling wet down the backs of my legs, yup they are leaking!

It was a beauty night to run as this was my canvas


Water, blue skies and sun


Ran by the river, my favorite spot


I managed a sweaty 5.3 miles and it was ugly


Not a fast paced run, they never are though


It felt good and I sweated everything out of me!

A run cures all!

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