I’m on the road again tomorrow morning – this time I’m headed to Grand Blanc Michigan to run this race



A Dirty Girl mud run with my lovely ladies from Hines Crossfit Detroit! I will be running with Jen again from winetoweightlifting.com and I can’t wait . I love races these races that aren’t timed and it’s just a big group of crazy women who want to have a good time! We plan on being all matchy matchy for our team “Rather Be Lifting” , nice handle right!

Speaking of lifting , this is what I did today

Front squat

PR’d it at 115lbs today!
I also got these gnarly bruises from some front rack lunges the other day


Feeling pretty sore from yesterday’s 105 power cleans and Kettlebells! Urgh!

Took myself out for lunch today too

Fancy , I know!

Mini divas last day of school!


It was a great day and I can’t wait for 3 days off work now!
Stay tuned for updates on the road trip!

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