Well , seeing as I spent the weekend “resting” and I felt great , I figured today felt like a 2 a day!

I woke up refreshed and did some work then hit up my Box for a noon WOD . Well it was dang hot in there and we had big lifts today!
We warmed up by doing some inch worms, broad Jump burpees and lunges etc.
Then Straight into a barbell complex warm up with a 45lb bar

I was super soaked after this , but wait – we still had a skill


Yup , 10 minute EMOM and coach kept adding weight to my bar because he said I made it look easy and I needed to push myself. Love that guy
Then we WOD’d! And it was deadlifts – my fav!

RX’d that one at 155lbs!
Finished the WOD in 9:54 including the 100 sit up cash out
Cooked up an amazing fajita supper

So yummy


Then it was run time , I waited till 7pm when I thought it was cooler – nope . It was about 38 degrees with the humidex! Guess who didn’t pack water ? Idiot!
It was a beautiful evening though

Oh so very hot

Finished 4 miles in less than stellar time

Crappy splits

But got it done

These got me through – my Mizuno Wave Precision shoes rock!


Drank a big ole glass of Nuun and recovered ! Now I’m off to the hot tub and find more food.

Have a lovely week and get those 2 a days in .