Catchy little title there isn’t it!

I am dealing with a tore up from the floor up body today! My mission to take some time off from Crossfit has failed. Due to poor calculations on my part (I can’t add) I had the wrong dates as to when my half marathon training was due to start! So… Guess who is still cross fitting 5x a week- this girl!

Yesterday was a great lifting day for me. Coach had using doing alot of hang squat cleans at about 90% of our 1 RM. we worked on skill for a good 30 minutes, then went into this WOD

Holy hell that was alot of thrusters! I felt great afterwards, did it RX at 65lbs and was ok !
Until I tried to get out of bed this am
Oh hi pain! Everywhere! My triceps burned, my inner thighs screamed and it hurt to brush my hair!
So guess what I did- went back again for more!
I was happy to see no skill today , but that can only mean one thing – a long WOD
It was a Hero one today! Bradshaw

10 freaking rounds – let me break that down for you

30 handstand push ups
60 deadlifts at 135lbs
120 pull ups
And countless skipping!

This is injury number 1

Now that is a rip
Then I noticed all these lovely bruises gracing my shoulders from yesterday’s cleans

Look closely- they are there

These make me feel strong , like I can lift heavy and be a beast in the Box!

Now how does soup come into play here? I will let you in on a little Soup “Recipe” term used loosely as this is not really a recipe but a throw together meal!
This is not clean eating approved, Paleo or whatever – what it is is delicious and simple!
I’m a busy working mom and this took no time to throw together
You will need
1 rotisserie chicken from the deli
1 bag of McCain frozen potato and veg mix
1 envelope of Cream of Vegetable soup mix
1 carton of chicken broth

Boil the chicken in water , then strain reserving liquid. Discard bones (obviously)
Add potatoes

Add soup mix

Add broth


Let simmer on low and serve with a baguette !

So yummy !
Now I’m going to wash down some Advil for my achy tore up body!