This is something I am working on, taking enough days for rest and recovery! I work out a lot, like really a lot. I do not take enough time to let my muscles heal,grow or rebuild themselves. I am a work in progress.

Friday I did a two a day (2 workouts 1 day)


I went to Crossfit at noon and worked on Pistols and did the benchmark Helen WOD ,worked then went for a 4.3 mile run because it was a beauty day!

I then decided that I was going to take the whole weekend off from exercise. Just sit back and relax!

I worked Saturday then came home and enjoyed some patio time with a daiquiri


Just laying in the sun watching my girls hang by the pool and had my friend over for some company! It was a great day!

I had to work again today but I was not going for a run, it was raining so that helped seal the deal ! Had a great supper with my dad and I ate the biggest piece of carrot cake ever!

Here is a great article I read about the importance of rest days

This is a great running related article on rest days for runners

Here are some ideas on what to do on the rest/recovery days

Now I’m going to get a good nights sleep and start the run process all over again tomorrow!

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    • I am so bad at this but I woke up this am feeling great , so I know I needed them! I am back to working out today and we will see if I feel rested and stronger..

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