Yes it is true.. I have to break up with you for a little while.. Not like a real break up ,but cut you down to twice a week. I am sorry Crossfit but you can’t take up all my training time.

As you all know I have 2 half marathons this fall , this one in October

I am running this one with my dear friend Michelle who ran the Goodlife Toronto half with me, well she kicked my ass but technically we went there together .

Then my favorite race of all time


Now you see , I am currently a 2:26 half marathoner and I know I have the ability to become at least a 2:10 runner. I really want this and I am going to train my butt off to achieve it! I have not been very good at training and tend to become distracted with life. I did train for the Rock n Roll Vegas half last December and I shaved off 4 minutes from my first half. For the Goodlife half I never trained at all, I followed no plan and focused on Crossfit. Yes crossfit made me stronger but that did not help me get faster at running , because we all know you have to run to get better at running! Duh!!!

So I am going back to my original half marathon training that worked for me before, the Hal Higdon Intermedite plan


This plan is easy to follow and still allows for 2 days of cross training which I will use for Crossfit. See it all works out. We have a brand new track in our town and I will utilize it for speed work . I am determined this time to achieve these goals and make myself a better runner.

You see


So now I have my goal, my plan and my new Mizuno’s to train in , I can’t and won’t fail .. Because I


Yes I have that tattooed on my arm – hence the handle Inkdgirl!

So be forewarned that there will be plenty of future posts pertaining to this training and feel free to cheer me on and motivate me on those days I try to make excuses, I need you people .. You are my cheering section and it means more than you will ever know.

As luck would have it, this was delivered to my mailbox so I plan on devouring it and learning everything I can from it!


So I am sorry Crossfit for this temporary break, but in my heart – I AM A RUNNER , first and foremost. It’s my heart

Love to you all

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  1. You are such an inspiration! I just started running (literally this week) and it’s not so much run as lightly jog and not die. I have some health concerns and quite a bit of extra weight, but I’m really inspired to keep myself moving. I’m really inspired by your journey! Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you !!! When I started running I went to the school track ,at night, when it was dark because I did not want anyone to see me. I sucked at it, I hated it. It gets easier , just be patient with the process, it does get better. However, even up to this day – that first mile of every run still sucks! I find my happy pace around mile 4-5.. That’s when I think , ok I got this! Stick with it… You got this!

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