I am going on a road trip and I am excited! Whoot whoot!

Way back in December I signed up for this race


I haven’t been back to Detroit since I ran the Turkey Trot in November and I can’t wait to see my friend Jen from winetoweightlifting.com , she is running this too!

It is just a 10k and yes I’m driving 6 hours and to a different country for it, but I like to travel and getting out of this town for a few days will be worth it!

I have been super swamped with work and am sad to report that yesterday ended my Runstreak! I did not run at all yesterday. I was riddled with guilt and was tempted to go run at 10pm but I did not do that. I felt like I let myself and my Runstreak friends down, I was committed to this and I failed.. My bad!

I am going to keep at it though and run as much as I can !

Today I went back to my old stomping grounds,the YMCA… It has been forever since I worked out there!

I had to take a mirror selfie before I worked out


Here’s my workout in a nutshell


Run 2 miles

Row 500 m

Do a ton of hang cleans, squat cleans ,front squats,back squats at 65lbs.

Then do a Under Armour What’s Beautiful video challenge of how many push-ups you can do in one minute. I did 48 – for the record.. Not uploading video here, you can view it on the what’s beautiful site! http://whatsbeautiful.ua.com/

Then I planked


Pretty sweaty!

I had yet another busy day of work which kept me out till 9pm tonight so I better get going and pack some clothes for my big road trip!

Stay posted for race recaps, deets and of course picture filled blog posts!

5 comments on “Hi ho, hi ho – it’s off to Detroit I go!!”

  1. Whoo!! 🙂

    Took me forever to find your pushup video 😉

    No worm push-ups!! 😉 Still super impressive to knock out so many in a minute from a sheer endurance standpoint!! That’s why you rock at CF.. you have such amazing endurance from running!!

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