Yup , sure am!

Today however, I was filled with excuses as to why I should not run, mostly because I was being lazy and unmotivated!
Then I remembered the Twitter Chat from last night and I pulled up my big girl panties and said let’s do this!
It was so friggin hot out, 34 degrees with the humidex, but I love running in the heat. Today however, my legs did not. There was a lot of walking being done today.


I went to my usual waterfront route, which ,meant crossing these 2 bridges.. Urgh


But this trail is so pretty


I was definitely a hot mess on this run, I was cramping up but I wasn’t quitting because today’s run was for the Under Armour What’s Beautiful challenge ” no excuses” even though I had many!


I finished this 4 miler in 49 minutes, my worst time ever but today it wasn’t about pace, it was just about getting it done!


Once I got home I plopped myself down in my lounger and left some seriously huge sweat stains lol


I was pretty tempted to dive right into the pool but I’m sure it’s at a temp of around 67 degrees!!! No thanks , feet only


So just remember that when you want to think about every excuse not to workout, there are a million reasons why you should! I truly did feel great after I got this done and now I can relax for the rest of the night!

So Streakers, get it done and keep up the Great Streaking!

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  1. I’m streaking, but it’s a combination of running or walking a mile every day. I was running, but I felt like it was hurting my knees too much. Nice job even if it wasn’t your best time.

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