I have been a part of this challenge for just a short while, but each and every woman here inspires and motivates me!

This picture was for the What’s Beauty Challenge – for me What’s Beauty is not being afraid to show of your assets. We are not all created equal, nor are we all perfect. There is always a body image issue that us woman deal with. We are mother’s, with the stretch marks and scars to prove it. We carry that old baby weight and are always in a constant battle with our heads to look and act perfect for society. Today I stripped down to my sports bra and booty shorts and looked in the mirror. Sure there are days when I still see the 284lb Dawn.. but today I was proud of what I have accomplished in the past 3 years. It has been a journey and it is not over yet.

Thank you Under Armour women for this campaign, so that we as women can stand tall and show off our strength!

For all you women out there struggling to show off what you have, who cares… all that matters is that you love yourself because you are perfect!