So , I have been pulling my hair out all day today trying to move my WordPress blog over to a self hosted site – Blue Host!

I got it done! I was almost ready to call in the experts and pay the $129 for them to do it, but I buckled down – called the help line 1,000 times and got it all finished by myself!

Now it is still a work in progress so please forgive me if there are errors and such! I’m working on it! I like the fact that I own this site now, it’s all mine!

So after countless hours of techie crap I needed to get to the Box and work off my frustrations! Kelly – the WOD – Did the trick! Look at her



It was about 30 degrees and humid as hell out there today! The Box was smoking! We all we were beasts! I finished in 27:19 and was vibrating by the end! See






We had to get outside to find some air






I know you like seeing my sweaty pics!

I wore my Garmin for today’s workout to make sure and track my mileage for the Runners World Runstreak





I am still posting daily to the Under Armour What’s Beautiful campaign site, I love a challenge and this keeps me accountable! Plus I really want to win a swag bag!




Thank for still following me as I attempt this techie journey and please bear with me if there are unforseen duplicate posts and such!