Today started out with a quick little run , just 1 mile for my Runners World #runstreak ! See – proof

Gotta stay accountable!
Then I took an a** whooping at Crissfut tonight, here was the WOD

We did a 400m warm up run too, guess I didn’t need that mile this morning!
The 800m was a breeze, then it was Kettlebell time 21 of them. I love these and I’ve gone up in weight to the 35lb ones, I need to get stronger! Then we moved in to the 21 thrusters!
Here’s a breakdown of the thruster
Clean the bar and get into a front rack position

Do a front squat

Then pop the bar and press it, licking the arms out

If you are like me you get covered in chalk

Nice socks eh, those are the giveaway!

The last skill was pull ups, I’m still working on those! I WILL get a Kipping pull up one day!

We did 3 rounds of this and my time was 27:19, not too shabby!

Now onto the giveaway
Starting at midnight tonight you can go to
And enter the rafflecopter giveaway!
I am giving away 1 pair of ladies size Large Zuza Compression socks


So if you want to win a cool pair of socks, set your clocks and lets GO!

10 comments on “A night at the Box and a Giveaway !”

  1. Whooo!! I love these socks everytime you post them!! How fun to win my own! AND they’re in my size! 🙂

    Currently I rock ProCompression but these look much more fun for Crossfit.. hehe.

  2. I’ve been wanting to try these. I’ve never worn compression socks but would love to try them for post run recovery.

    • I wear them during a run if my calves are tight, or I will wear them post run. I also love them for lifting , doing deadlifts.. when the bar rubs my shins!

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